SPEAK aims to provide quaility Speech Pathology clinical services throughout the state of California and abroad as well as Education, Advocacy and Knowledge nationally and internationally. 

Therapy Services​

- Direct 1:1

- Small group

- Teletherapy

- All ages

- Articulation, Phonological Disorders     & Apraxia

- Receptive & Expressive Language    Disorders

-Social Language Disorders

- Written Language Disorders &          Dyslexia

- Voice Disorders

- Fluency Disorders

- Accent Reduction

Evaluation Services

-Independent Evaluations-

-Written language & Dyslexia 

-Articulation & Phonological Processing

-Receptive and expressive language



-Social Language

Consultation Services
- Teleconferencing
- Spanish language interpretation
- Advocacy
Independent Evaluation
Did you know what that if you disagree with the assessment conducted by your child's school you have the right to request an independent evaluation at the districts expense?
Articles & Resources
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Coming soon
Language Tips​
Child Speech and Language​
Expected Development​
Social Thinking