Membership Services

Because Every Child Deserves a Voice Every Parent Deserves to be Heard


At SPEAK we strive to make affordable access to high quality special education advocates available to everyone. We specialize in supporting parents of children with speech, language and language learning-based disabilities as they advocate for their children. From apraxia to social language impairment to dyslexia, etc. we are here to help you advocate for your child. We are here to answer your questions no matter how small or large.


By offering our pre-paid low monthly subscriptions services in a group format we are able to charge less than the price of a single advocacy session for a month’s worth of service. Billing is the last thing on our minds when we work with you.


Some of the services that we offer parents include: 


Advice on speech and language issues

Advice on special-education law

Help penning letters to district staff

IEP document Preview/review

Assessment report review

IEP preparation

Live online support groups

Q&A sessions


Some of the topics that we cover include: 


Speech & Language Issues                                       IEP’s

Apraxia                                                                      Meeting preparation

Phonological processing                                          Document preview/review


Cluttering                                                                  Community

Articulation                                                               Group Q & A sessions

Pragmatic language                                                 Group support

Semantic Language

Morphology & Syntax


Assessment                                                               Language Learning Disabilities

Report review                                                            Dyslexia

Recommendation                                                     Auditory processing

Assessment plan preview                                       Reading Comprehension


Letters                                                                        Discounts on hourly paid services

Requests for meetings                                             Speech Therapy

Requests for records                                                Speech & Language Evaluation

Requests for assessment                                        Dyslexia Assessment

Requests for independent evaluation                   Screening

                                                                                  Individual Advocacy