Background & Experience
We have worked in the public education system for over two decades with students of all levels of ability who have speech and language impairments. We also have experience with the adult population through working in hospital, skilled nursing, home health and adult day care facilities.

We evaluate, diagnose and treat disorders of: articulation, voice, fluency, language (written and oral), cognition, and swallowing. Our mission is to ensure that ALL who have difficulty communicating have access to high quality intervention and support. 

We are passionate, creative and skilled clinicians who has serviced private pay clients, charter school students, home schooled students, districts needing independent evaluations, home health agencies, and adult day care centers.

We have first hand experience with advocating for parents and students with special needs in school and know how daunting the special education process can be. We can provide assistance with IEP document and assessment review, and provide suggestions about what to ask for and expect during upcoming meetings.

R. Jones Linares                                                                                                                               

MA, MS, CCC-SLP                                                                                                                               


Our Team

Speech & Language Pathologists

Our therapists are licensed, credentialed and hold Certificates of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language & Hearing Association.

Licensed Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Our SLPA is proficient in all aspects of therapy and IEP implementation. 


Bilingual interpreters are available to ensure that assistance and services can be provided in English, Arabic and Spanish. 

Our Offerings

SPEAK is moving toward being the premier source for quality comprehensive therapy, evaluation and consultation for our clients. We specialize in teletherapy for school aged students who have written, oral and social language impairments. 

Our Mission

SPEAK exist to honor it's name by providing: high quality Speech Pathology clinical services, contributing to the overall Education of clients, Advocacy for those impacted by speech and language deficits and differences and sharing Knowledge with the public about speech and language issues. SPEAK exists to ensure that all who desire to have a voice which is heard and respected.